Friday, 29 July 2011

'The Gold Series

is an amalgamation of the sun and flowers and is inspired by the hot weather. Bright flowers of the sun interact and tell their story with the sun weathered background. The series consists of ten pieces.'

The first three pieces from the series sold at Art in Schull. I'm delighted about this as I was trying something that was very different to what I was used to and was completely out of my comfort zone. It is always brilliant to sell a piece and I often wonder where their lives will lead!

I have finished the fourth piece in the 10 part series, titled 'Sleeping Sun Flowers'. I hope you like it! Personally, it is my favourite piece so far...

I am currently working on another two that will be ready tomorrow just in time to be included in Cork Craft Week! I love working with paint and combining all these materials and techniques but I want to experiment as well, and to keep learning new things. When I have finished this series, I will be moving on to a much more feminine, softer series and will also work on updating my online shop :)!