Monday, 14 May 2012

Thunder & Lightning

Growing up in Ireland, we rarely had any thunder and lightning and on the occasional times that we did it was pretty scary! During my first week in Berlin, I experienced a breathtaking thunderstorm. We were at an outdoor music festival and it was really hot, about 32 degrees. The festival was in an old airport so all the runways were covered in people and it was quite surreal! As we left the festival and walked away from the densely populated area, we turned and saw huge black clouds in the sky. The thunder was booming and and the lightning was amazing. Since then I've experienced this a few times and every time I think it's brilliant, it's still so new to me and it's so powerful and beautiful. My boyfriend and I went to see one of our favourite bands in concert and on the way home the thunder and lightning started. We lay awake in bed for hours listening to the booming and watching the flashes of light through the window. Hence, my latest subject matter- thunder, lightning and clouds. This project is still in progress and I don't have access to a scanner yet (how I miss my scanner back in Ireland), so please bear with me uploading photographs!