Wednesday, 9 January 2013

About the 'Let's Fly' Bloghop

A large international group of graduates of the online course The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design are celebrating the beginning of 2013 with a huge bloghop. Over 50 Surface Pattern Designers are involved so this is a great chance to see lots of varied designs. 

The bloghop was set up by Rosie Martinez-Dekker from Believe Creative Studios The brief required us to all create designs using 'Emerald Green'-  Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year, and showcase them in a bloghop to celebrate New Year's and our willingness to fly as professionals. 

The first person to start the 'hop' writes a post on their blog and adds a link to the next blog at the end of the post. Everyone does this until they hop to the last blog on the list. 

We hope this will be an interesting experience for all the readers as a variety of artwork will be shown. The bloghop runs from January 10th to January 13th and starts at 14.00 GMT on the Pattern Booths blog.