Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Blossom Products!

I have been quite the busy bee these past couple of weeks, getting lots of new things made and printed. For me, this is a very fun part of the process, seeing the images turn into something new and different. 

I was skeptical about printing onto canvas at first. I work on canvas a lot and I didn't know if the printing would show enough detail. Thankfully it did and here is the proof! 

I was so pleased with the quality of the canvas and wanted to get some paper products printed. I think that 'Blossom' is the perfect image to give to a pregnant mother, but I wanted to make it affordable to everyone. Although I believe in affordable art and my work is always reasonably priced, a postcard is accessible to everyone. These would make lovely pregnancy announcements or congratulation cards.

I searched far and wide looking for the right printers and finally found a lovely old fashioned printers here in Berlin. It was literally like opening a door and walking back in time and the guys there really know their stuff. Every corner of the bustling little store contained some kind of treasure. I spent a long time there talking to the owner (who is an old German man with no English!) and going through ream after ream of beautiful paper- there were so many different shades and textures.

I think because I studied Graphic Design in college and one aspect of it was printing, that has led me to have a little obsession with paper and print. I didn't want cheaply printed postcards that I could get anywhere, I wanted something special. These postcards are printed on a lovely white card with a slight linear grain. I am happy in the knowledge that my first postcards were printed in such an amazing place.

Both the canvas and postcards will be available in my Etsy store soon :).