Thursday, 18 July 2013

Madame Tartinette

I am really excited to have my work on the walls of the lovely Madame Tartinette Café here in Friedrichshain, Berlin. For anyone that isn't familiar with Madame Tartinette, it's a vintage style café that serves delicious chunky sandwiches, soups and homemade cakes. They also do a fantastic hot chocolate!

I first came across the café when I spotted the bunting outside and I LOVE this logo.

Here is the first lunch that I had there and it was delicious- a great hot chocolate and chunky sandwich (the Fromage) with side salad. All the vintage touches like the sugar bowls and votives throughout the store really add to the theme of the café.

Images© Madame Tartinette

Today we hung my work up on the walls and here are a few photos of some of it in the evening sun-

Here is a cosy little nook in the front room of the café- don't the Flower Birds look at home!