Sunday, 19 January 2014

Organizing my Studio- finding the perfect pen pot

I have been searching for the perfect pen pots for what seem like years and have been using everything from tin cans and glass jars to nice coffee cups. But I haven't found the perfect ones yet. I have some beautiful pens like my collection of rapidograph technical pens that deserve a beautiful pen pot. I will probably end up making my own one so for now here are some beautiful inspirational photos and D.I.Y projects I have found online.

Here is a lovely photo of Gillian Cocoran's studio space- what lovely little ceramic pen pots! You can read more about Gillian's beautiful work at Lost Forest on her blog here

Here are some lovely D.I.Y pen pots by Sweet Mabel and you can read the tutorial on the Tori Jane blog.

I love these D.I.Y concrete cups from Regards et Maisons too, I think they would make great pen pots!

You could even combine the concrete pots with this technique from the Textured Planter Project tutorial on A Beautiful Mess blog. 

These glass tumblers are beautiful..

Here is a great idea from the April '09 issue of MSL magazine: using jars as picture frames- they would make great pen pots too. 

This votive candleholder tutorial from Martha Stewart is lovely, you can read it here

I always love finding new D.I.Y. projects, you can see more of these of my Nice D.I.Y Pinterest board here