Saturday, 15 March 2014

Agate and Lace

I set myself a challenge to do something new and out of my comfort zone combining two things that I think are very beautiful and inspirational to me- the mineral agate and lace. Below are the first two pieces in the series- I hope you like them...

Antique Irish Lace

Agate has been used for centuries in the art world and each colour is associated with different meanings. It is said that Agate enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect and is considered to be a stone that brings good luck. It is believed to give courage, emotional strength and self-confidence. The illustrated lace detail over the colour is my contemporary interpretation of classic Irish lace.

'Agate Lace', detail
Acrylic and pen on wood, 45 x 32 cm

Pink Agate is partially translucent with opaque pink patterns and the vibrant colour almost looks unnatural. Pink Lace Agate has a complex and detailed pattern and is said to increase friendliness and happiness. I especially love the gold around the edges, and that's why I set the pink detailed section in of 'Pink Agate' in the middle of a gold background.

Pink Agate

'Pink Agate', detail
Acrylic and pen on wood, 45 x 32 cm

Both are original, one off pieces and are available at 2020 Art Gallery in Cork City.

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