Monday, 14 April 2014

New House and Home!

Anyone that follows my page on Facebook will know that I recently became engaged to my longterm boyfriend and that we moved home to Ireland!

We have been renovating a house here for the past two weeks, with a lot of help from my wonderful parents, and it is starting to come together. Yesterday we started to put up the first of our art, which was a great feeling. It is especially nice as we have collected the artwork together over the years, so our home will be very personal and special to us.

I love this beautiful print by Yumi Yumi Studio..

One of my most treasured possessions is this necklace that was a limited edition piece from a collaboration between Rob Ryan and Tatty Devine. My fiancé bought it for me when things were starting to get serious between us... 

The downstairs floor is carpet at the moment, but we will be taking that up soon and painting the floorboards. I can't wait!

The two main pieces of artwork here are a 'Night-time Owl' print by Claire Scully and a lovely print that my friend Hannah made me for my birthday a couple of years ago which has a bird and birdcage print. I love the turquoise pieces together and they are the main pieces of art in our new home!