Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tattoos, Jewellery & Engagement!

I don't have any tattoos...but if I did they would be like these beautiful designs by artist Miso.

I was going to get a section of 'Daisy-Chain' tattooed across my shoulder but the detail is really fine so it wouldn't have lasted. I'll just have to surround myself with artwork instead....and jewellery, always jewellery! 

Talking of jewellery, I never posted a photo of my engagement ring on here! My lovely fiancé proposed to me a few months ago. He had been planning it and having the ring made since November last year so he was very patient! He brought images of my art into the jewellers and told them that he wanted something inspired my artwork (like Daisy-Chain above!) that was slender and elegant but also organic. The result was a very slender white gold band with an organic cluster of 7 diamonds (one for each year we've been together). He couldn't have possibly designed something that's more 'me' and I love it!