Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cushions from Society6

Today, my cushions arrived in the post and I'm delighted to say that I'm really pleased with them. The print quality of the cushion covers is fantastic and the cushion insert is bouncy and light and you can't really fault it for a 'throw pillow', which is what they are advertised as. 

Personally, I like cushions to be a bit more hard-wearing, as my husband and I like to snuggle up on the couch a lot, and Poppy and Mia are often curled up asleep on cushions. Here, the cushion on the left has one of my down feather cushions inside and it feels much more luxurious. It's also heavier, sturdier and more practical. It depends on how you like your cushions but the cushion inserts supplied by Society6 are sold for throw pillows, which are mainly for decorative purposes. The actual print quality of the cushion covers is great, so if you are looking to buy one that you want to use as a regular cushion, I would recommend that you just buy the cover and fit it onto your own cushion insert.

Out of the 12 designs available in my Society6 Store, these two are my favourites. Here are some photos of them in my home. It's starting to feel cosier already!

A close up photo of the print quality..

You can buy these designs along with a selection of others from my Society6 Store. The cushions that I have are indoor cushions but there are also outdoor versions available.

Here is little Mia relaxing in front of the cushions :)