Thursday, 4 September 2014

Flowers, Lace and Cake!

I recently got married and it's been a fantastic whirlwind of happiness! As readers of this blog, you must like flowers and lace, so I thought I would invite you to see some special touches from our wedding day.

I knew exactly what I wanted the wedding cake to look like far in advance! My Mother commissioned a local cake maker to make our giant three tiered cake. The bottom cake was traditional wedding fruit cake, the middle cake was coffee and walnut (my husband's favourite!) and the top cake was chocolate, for our little nephews. The day before the wedding my sister and I cut out hundreds of flowers from icing fondant and with my Mother's help we stuck them to the cake. I was so pleased with the result!

For the wedding favours, I commissioned the lovely Béibhinn of Béibhinn's Bakery in Cork City to create these beautiful cakes. She is a creative genius! I can't imagine how much work went into these as every part of the cake is edible! The filling was chocolate ganache cream cheese butter icing....which was amazing! The grey colour is for my husband's wedding suit, the lace for my dress and the flowers are specific as well- the small white flowers tie in with the wedding cake, the roses are for love and the hydrangea is for my Grandma who sadly passed away in June.

Today I went back to work in my studio, and now I'm off to enjoy a slice of the wedding cake before getting back to work on my latest paintings- more to come on that soon!

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