Friday, 5 September 2014

Fly around my Home..

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a little bird crazy. In fact, my husband banned me from bringing any more bird related things into our home!

I thought I would take my camera for a quick trip around our home to see if there really is any reasoning behind his madness ;)

Let's start in my studio....

I love storage boxes! This one is from Victoria Met Albert in Berlin. I keep inks, washi tapes, scissors and other stationery in it.

I absolutely love this pattern! It's actually giftwrap from Schwesterherz in Berlin. I liked it so much that I bought it to use as a poster. 

This beautiful card is also from Schwesterherz and I loved it so much that I framed it!

A lovely notebook by Rob Ryan (I have many, many notebooks- you can never have enough!)

And, onto the bedroom...

I love this print by Yumi Yumi Studio, it's so sweet!

The feather coat/jewellery hooks are also from Schwesterherz, Berlin. This is making me miss Berlin shopping so much!

My Rob Ryan necklace is one of my favourite possessions- my husband bought it for me when things were starting to get serious between us :)

I love this greeting card by Bonbi Forest

...and it looks great framed too!

It would take me another hour to include my bird-related jewellery and accessories, so clothes will have to do ;)

I'm a sucker for clothes! I don't wear many bright colours, but I love a good print. I fell in love with this bird print top from Topshop..

and this top from Visby in Berlin.

and this maxi dress from Victoria Met Albert.

Now let's move to the living area....

I love these wooden painted birds by Anna Wiscombe. Hmm, now I'm starting to see a pattern with birds and the colour turquoise...maybe my husband is right!

This etching is by one of my favourite West Cork artists, Hilda McInerney. One day we will get it properly framed but for now it sits on the shelf next to a real life bird nest that reminded us of the artwork when we came across it- abandoned by it's Mother :(. Every time we go to the beach this shell 'collection' seems to get added to!

Here is a section of one of my favourite artworks by Irish artist Charles Tyrrell, which was a gift from my Mother-in-Law. It's called 'Kiss' and I know it's meant to be a pair of lips, but all I have ever seen when I've looked at it is two birds kissing!

This beautiful print by Claire Scully was a surprise gift from my husband years ago. It's so intricate!

My friend Hannah made me this print as a Christmas present...

..and this bird teacup was an engagement present from her :)

Two sweet little cups were a present from my Mother....

...and a beautiful wedding card!

Let's finish up with a pair of bird curtains in the spare room. 
Oh dear....

I'd better go and make dinner and apologize to my husband ;)!