Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Days 3-5 of the 5dayartchallenge

Day 3 of 5: These 3 pieces are part of my ongoing 'Lace Series'. For the original works I paint several coats of acrylic on wooden boards and then sl o o wly illustrate on them in pen (illustrating on wood is so hard on any fine pens, so it takes a very long time!). I can work on an original image for up to a week and as I am working in stages this adds different pattern and tone to the lace. For the metal and paper print images I scan in my original pieces.

'Lace Doilies'-Original artwork- acrylic, pen and varnish on wooden board. Available from 2020 Art Gallery

'Lace Doily' Metal Print- SOLD OUT


'Lace Snow'- Original artwork- acrylic, pen and varnish on wooden board- SOLD

Day 4 of 5: These 3 pieces are part of my 'Moon Series', a series of original one-off pieces. I made all of these while living in Berlin and two of them are still there! Maybe I should make some more of these as the sky in the West Cork countryside is crystal clear and last night our house was flooded in moonlight.

'Moon over Mountaintops'



Day 5 of 5: For my last day of the challenge, here is some of my older work, all based on the human form. 'Lady of the Flowers' is one of my favourite pieces and we have the original framed in our home. These flowers are really tiny and tightly packed and I used a rapidograph pen. In the same series is 'Naked', which is an example of work that I have done that has never really seen the light of day! For these images I focused on the language of flowers- the different meanings behind certain flowers. I use this a lot in my work so if you recognize any flowers there is always more to that than meets the eye. The 'Blossom' image depicting a pregnant mother surrounded by flowers and blossoming, has become my best selling image yet.

'Lady of the Flowers'- every now and then I release a few limited edition prints of this image.


'Blossom' Limited Edition Screen print- available from, and 2020 Art Gallery, Cork City