Sunday, 22 March 2015

'Art & Design Cloister' at Kenmare Lace Festival

I was one of the invited designers at the Art & Design Cloister at this years Kenmare Lace Festival.

Here I am busy setting up the stand...

I packaged my coasters into sets with coloured twine and little silver flower charms..

My new 'Daisy-Chain tape was a great seller! I displayed it in these lovely crates which my talented husband made. 

The three new notebooks were a great success but this one was the best seller (it's my favourite too!)

I had 3 new greeting card designs and this 'Blue Butterfly' design was the most popular of all my 6 designs!

The notebooks were available individually and in packs of 3..

The festival was great and I got to meet lots of lovely people.  I was delighted with the feedback on my new products, especially my 'Daisy-Chain tape!

Thank you to everyone who came, saw and purchased and I hope you enjoy your Petal to Petal goods, Lily x