Monday, 14 September 2015

The launch of Alex Monroe's new collection, 'The Language of Flowers'

When I was planning my trip to London, I noticed that one of my favourite jewellery designers, Alex Monroe, was launching his new collection 'The Language of Flowers' while I was there. I love Alex's work and my own work is inspired by the Language of Flowers so I couldn't miss it! I fell in love with his work when my sister Eleanor gave me a dragonfly necklace for my 21st birthday. It was such a lovely, thoughtful gift and it is one of my most treasured items!

The shop was decorated beautifully and vintage cabinets and ephemera were dripping with the intricate and detailed jewellery. So much time had gone into creating a truly unique treasure trove of vintage curiosities which even included a taxidermy owl!

Ivy was curling up the walls, assortments of little vintage frames were grouped in clusters and I couldn't help but stand, stare and try to take everything in. 

'The Language of Flowers draws its inspiration from the Victorians whimsical concept of the silent language of flowers for words that dared not be spoken.'

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the new collection, which you can view here.

Cinquefoil and Pearl Ring

Buttercup Sprig with Climbing Ivy Necklace

Wild Strawberry Heart Necklace

Lily of The Valley Pearl Necklace

Emily- one of the girls that works for Alex- created all the botanical watercolour illustrations that accompany the new collection. I was talking to the girls and told them about my own work and how the Language of Flowers is one of my biggest influences, and as my name is Lily they gave me me a Lily of the Valley 'Happiness' card- how sweet!

I am always a little hesitant when meeting people that I admire as it means a lot to me that the things that I love and treasure are designed and made by good people and for the right reasons. Everything about this launch ticked all the right boxes for me and I left the shop liking Alex's work even more than I did before!

Alex himself was at the launch and is such a lovely man. He was taking time to talk to everyone and the atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming. It is so refreshing to meet a highly successful and yet modest designer who creates exquisite things but is still down to earth. I wish him and his creative team continued success and look forward to seeing more collections in the future.